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An Orthodontist can straighten or move teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth and/or improve the bite and function of the teeth. Although Orthodontic treatment is more commonly carried out in your teenage years (11 -15 years) it is possible to do them on adults also. However, the younger you are when having the braces may be more rapid as the body is still growing. Benefits of Orthodontic treatment include:

• Good appearance, Great smile and improves self-esteem.

• Straighter teeth ae easier to maintain and reduce the risk of decay and gum disease.

• The is a reduced risk of accidental injury to protruding teeth

• The bite can be altered to give optimum function and reduce grinding and abnormal tooth wear.

Here at North City Dental we use a “Micro screws system”. The Benefits of this are as follows:

• The orthodontic implants or micro screws is the new concept in orthodontics and their invention has changed the considerably the quality of orthodontic treatment for several reasons. The main factor of their success is that the patient does not need to comply, because they are fixed.

Another factor that contributes hugely to the ideal outcome results is the potential to ideally apply forces to move teeth the way the clinician prefers, either to create spaces to align the teeth in crowding situation or to close spaces in case of missing and in other more complicated cases. In my developmental technique all these parameters are easily applicable. The benefit of this approach is excellent results at the end of the ortho treatment, non-patient’s compliance, less treatment duration.

SEDATION: If you extremely nervous about dental treatment you may feel more comfortable if you are first given a sedative to relax you. After sedation you will be able to communicate with your dentist while treatment is preformed, it is safe, effective and wears off rapidly after your dental visit. Please ask for further details.